Pre-Purchase Inspection in Plano, TX

There’s no need for you to rely on your luck when you’re purchasing a used car. You need to know the history of the used vehicle before you purchase it. The majority of the dealerships around the country offer services such as Carfax report or other used vehicle service reports, so that they can assist in shining some light on the history of the vehicle. Bear in mind that even though these pre-purchase reports can tell you the history of the vehicle, they cannot tell you for certain whether the vehicle is safe to drive now or not.
It’s of utmost importance for vehicles to have proper preventative maintenance. Bringing your car in for a pre-purchase inspection gives you an expert’s opinion on its systems and parts, like tires, engine mounts, hoses, belts and other important engine components that can tell the difference between the asking price of the used car or the never-ending investment in car repair bills.
Heller Automotive auto repair shop has a longstanding tradition in the auto repair business in the area, because we employ only ASE certified technicians who provide top-quality repairs and services, without trying to sell you unnecessary repairs or services.
We at Heller Automotive have a team of ASE certified, experienced and trained technicians who are ready to assist you with a pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle you are about to purchase. Our technician's advice is to have a pre-purchase inspection in case you are buying a vehicle with no warranty.
You can put your trust in the Heller Automotive auto repair shop to provide you with a comprehensive review of a vehicle, because of our extensive experience and stellar reputation in the automotive repair industry. Before you decide to buy a used car, let our team of certified technicians provide you with a complete and affordable pre-purchase inspection.
Call us (972) 295-9340 or check online to schedule an appointment. Visit Heller Automotive auto repair shop at 3104 S Rigsbee Dr, Plano, TX 75074. We are here for you.


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