What we do and what you need to know!

  1. We start with a test drive to see how the system functions.
  2. Then remove the wheels and pre-inspect system before dis-assembly.Rotors are measured here for thickness.If they can be turned we will be servicing them with our on car lathe that will remove all runout to a human hair or less.If they are below spec they generally will not be re-used.If they are replaced,we still machine the new rotors to remove all lateral runout in the assembly to .8 of 1000th of an inch (human hair or less).This is a crucial step that prevents rotor warpage in the future.
  3. Wheel bearings are serviced with new grease if possible.
  4. We dis-assemble the calipers from the brackets.All caliper brackets are thoroughly cleaned,inspected,and filed if needed.All slides are dis-assembled and lubed as required.
  5. Master cylinder is vacuumed of old fluid.
  6. Caliper bleeders are opened,Calipers are compressed and tested for sticking seals,fluid is cleaned away
  7. Top quality pads are installed,preferably with all new hardware. I generally use the Napa/ADO series pads when possible.
  8. New fluid is added to master cylinder and system is compressed.
  9. All that for $112.5 per axle ($225.00 for all four wheels) plus parts.
  10. Pads usually run $60-$90 per axle
  11. Lifetime warranty on workmanship of parts (they will not squeak or excessivly dust)
  12. 2yr/24k warranty on labor.
  13. If you want the rest of the system bled/flushed the labor is $72 plus the fluid
  14. Caliper or installation of other parts may be extra,and are priced upon pre-inspection of the brake system.
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